House cleaning is essential, and a major ingredient to maintain a good-looking and furnished house. Consistency is one of the main keys when it comes to the aspect of house cleaning.

Now, let’s talk about some cleaning techniques and natural remedies for removing stains and thorough cleaning in our homes.

1.KITCHEN: In most households, the kitchen is a very difficult portion of the house to clean, because it requires very regular cleaning, mainly on a daily basis. It is the most used and most messy in the house. For easy ways to clean your kitchen and get your satisfaction, you are looking for. Here are a few natural remedy tips to get you started.

VINEGAR: In cleaning your kitchen, one of the objectives or aim is to make sure that the worktops and sinks are clean, but most often times we find it difficult to clean these places due to how rough and dirty they use to be after using them. To get sparkling worktops and sinks, we recommend vinegar. Vinegar is mildly acidic and can be found in the shopping mall or markets where you get your groceries, they give an anti-bacterial clean to your sinks. When choosing the best type of vinegar is the white distilled vinegar, most basically because it is affordable.

How to use vinegar in your kitchen and what is it used for?

  • Pour the vinegar into a clean bowl and wipe the worktop and sink with a clean cloth and buff to make it more shiner.
  • You can also make your own cleaning spray from vinegar, just by mixing ½ of vinegar with 2/4 of water.
  • You can use it as a scrub by mixing it with salt or bread soda.
  • The presence of acid in vinegar makes it useful for cleaning spots where mildew might have formed.
  • It also helps in mopping, if you mop the floor with water containing a cup of white vinegar the floor will sparkle.
  • Cleaning the kitchen floor with few drops of vinegar in the water will help eliminate particles of cooking grease that have spilled on the floor or worktop.
  • Mixing a cup of white vinegar with ½ cup of ammonia and ¼ cup of washing soda will keep your wall glittering.

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 home cleaning tips with vinegar

home cleaning tips with vinegar

Do you know Vinegar can be used in cleaning your pieces of jewelry too? The following are steps on how to use vinegar in washing your jewelry without any side effects.

  • Get a clean glass mason jar and put all your jewelry in it either gold or silver.
  • Cover the jewelry with ½ cup of white vinegar, the jewelry should be immersed.
  • Leave the jewelry to soak overnight.
  • The next morning, make sure you coat it with baking soda and scrub the jewelry with an old toothbrush, then afterward you can rinse with water.

You might be afraid that vinegar will affect your jewelry. No, it will not change the color, disintegrate or develop crystals. It does not matter if your jewelry is Gold or Silver. White Vinegar is a great and wonder-working ingredient, even when combined with other common ingredients, it only increases its cleaning power.